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Dialogues with the erotic - seen and unseen - Future dates TBD

Dialogues with the erotic - seen and unseen - Future dates TBD

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Workshops aim to provide a welcoming space where personal awareness, clarity, and authenticity can develop*.

This half-day workshop is for people of any age over 19; of any sexual orientation; un-partnered or partnered; sexually active or not; playful or reticent about this topic.

Date: TBD

Cost: $60

Location: TBD

The following questions will be considered:

  • What do we mean by 'the erotic'?
  • What is the difference between 'the erotic', and 'sex'?
  • How does 'the erotic' play out in our lives and how does it interface with our expectations, our joys, our fears?
Linked with creativity, vitality and emotional closeness, ‘the erotic’ is multifaceted, complex, sometimes paradoxical, and entwined with unique meanings for each one of us. It is much more than sex. Yet we seldom delve into its mysteries or investigate its role in our health and in our life journeys.  Wherever you are in your lifespan, this is an opportunity to deepen your understanding and to befriend your “erotic self”.

Using gentle curiosity, we will engage in discussion and exercises to explore this topic (no sexual touch). This is NOT a space for hook-ups, it is a space for personal growth.

What you will get from this workshop:

  • See eroticism through a new lens
  • Deepen your understanding of what is truly important to you in the realm of the erotic
  • Befriend you erotic self - this may lead to greater depth and intimacy in your relationships

 *These services are not psychotherapy. Consider having resources for emotional support i.e. counselor, psychotherapy, empathetic friends with good listening skills - to reach out to after workshops. Also consider journaling or other methods that work for you, to help companion you in your growth journeys.