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Your Inner Life

Your Inner Life

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Workshops aim to provide a welcoming space where personal awareness, clarity, and authenticity can develop*.

This 2 hour workshop is for adults over 19

  • Do you ever find yourself doing the splits, that is, ‘performing’ outward life while disconnected from your inner life?
  • Do you long for more awareness, clarity, and zest in your relationships - with yourself and others?
  • Do you wonder about befriending emotion and intuition?

When we disconnect from our inner life, a rich source of knowledge is lost – knowledge that can generate awareness, clarity and zest. The goal of this workshop is to take a look at our relationship with emotion and intuition – the sometimes hidden residents of our inner life, and exploring the practice of caring for our own emotions

Using gentle curiosity we will engage in discussion and experiential exercises aimed to energize the relationship with our inner life. We will examine what emotions we feel most and least comfortable with, and try to understand how we can learn more about ourselves, gain insight, and honour into our inner life. 

*These services are not psychotherapy. Consider having resources for emotional support i.e. counselor, psychotherapy, empathetic friends with good listening skills - to reach out to after workshops. Also consider journaling or other methods that work for you, to help companion you in your growth journeys.