Emotions and You

Emotions and You

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This 2 hour workshop is currently offered online. Workshops aim to provide a welcoming space where personal awareness, clarity, and authenticity can develop*.

Emotions are sources of vital information. They offer an inner compass to help us understand ourselves, decide what is needed, how to communicate. Connecting with emotions allows us to have a choice about our responses. Sometimes it is difficult to sit with an emotion that we do not like or think we ‘should’ not be having. Or, we may find ourselves stuck in an intense emotion and have trouble getting to a calmer state.

Emotions affect most body organs, hormonal system, and immune response.  Thus, an essential aspect of health and well-being involves acknowledging, understanding, and befriending our emotions. Ignoring, suppressing, or staying stuck in emotions that are easily triggered can accumulate tension in the body, contribute to chronic stress, and negatively impact relationships.  Managing emotions while taking responsibility for our actions can enhance our connection to ourselves and others.

This 90 minute online session includes experiential components and focuses on the following key questions:

  • How do emotions help us understand ourselves?
  • Which emotions are most comfortable / least comfortable for you?
  • What emotions - pleasant or not - do you spend most time in?
  • How do you cope with difficult emotions?
  • What does it mean to befriend emotions?

* Please contact Alina at alinatree@outlook.com to discuss your interest in the availability of in-person individual or group sessions in Toronto.

*These services are not psychotherapy. Consider having resources for emotional support i.e. counselor, psychotherapy, empathetic friends with good listening skills - to reach out to after workshops. Also consider journaling or other methods that work for you, to help companion you in your growth journeys.