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Come Into Your Senses is about embracing our whole being - not just staying in our head. Have you ever been told to 'come to your senses' - meaning you should be more rational i.e. use your head?

We live in a time that often values rationality over intuition and emotion. Yet all these aspects of our being are important, they are not split off from each other. They are our 'internal advisors' which operate together, nourishing creativity and wholeheartedness.

Coming into your senses involves opening to awareness of body sensations, emotions, thought patterns, and spiritual presence.  Workshops and consultations for individuals and couples use methods that invite you to stay open to your own experience, allowing for reflection and integration.

Experiencing through the senses is essential for mindful awareness and authentic presence, which can be brought to any situation - whether, work, at home, or in a yoga practice.

Services for organizations are based on the understanding that employees can do their most productive work when individuals' contributions are valued  and where the workplace norms and culture encourage self-awareness, self-reflection.