Stay Juicy!

Stay Juicy!

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Stay Juicy! 2-hour online session $40

Many people have concerns about aging, wondering how it will impact their life or whether they’ll still feel useful and youthful. Conversations about getting older often involve fears around declining physical health, decreased attractiveness/ sexuality, feeling less valued in society and so on.  Life transitions often carry loss and pain yet they can also lead to self-discovery and a renewal of health and well-being.

Staying healthy is not only about wholesome nutrition and active lifestyle; it is also about connecting with your emotional and physical body in new ways and cultivating a vibrant, conscious connection to your juicy life force energy.  So, how can you (re-)discover and maintain your vitality regardless of your age? This experiential workshop includes healing meditations that can help you to:

  • calm your nervous system using breath and awareness
  • become more embodied and attend to your emotional guidance system
  • connect to your vital force and allow the flow of life to move through you
  • nourish yourself in ways that expand your sense of belonging in body-mind-spirit
* Please contact Alina at to discuss your interest in the availability of in-person individual or group sessions in Toronto