Harvesting Stories

Harvesting Stories

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This 2-hour workshop is currently offered Online *


Sometimes life stories of skills and qualities have been overlooked or forgotten, and it is hard to build on them if we are not aware that they are an important part of who we are. These strengths and qualities need to be celebrated. This session invites you to look back on your own history and bring to light, or harvest, overlooked stories of skills and abilities (which may exist in spite of, or sometimes because of, difficult life circumstances).

We will start with significant people in your life, places or things that feel calming, activities past and present; what you value or care about.  We will also look at hopes for the future, non-material gifts that you received, and gifts you may wish to pass on to others. The goal is to begin to harvest stories that reveal abilities and competencies so that they can be acknowledged, traced back to their origins, and serve your life in the present and in future harvests.

* Please contact Alina at alinatree@outlook.com to discuss your interest in the availability of in-person sessions in Toronto