Conscious Touch - for Women

Conscious Touch - for Women

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Conscious Touch - for Women (2 hours, $40 CDN (online)*

Touch is hardwired into our system and plays an important role in physical and emotional health, especially during stressful times. This experiential workshop is for women who seek a deeper connection to themselves and are yearning for a more conscious, soulful experience of touch. We will discuss the benefits of touch and practice various forms of conscious touch (i.e. on your face, hands, limbs).


Participating in these embodied awareness practices may help you:

  • slow down, listen to your body and tap into its intelligence
  • discover new aspects of touch, understand its benefits
  • explore sensuality
  • create a sense of self-empowerment in the ability to provide touch and pleasure to yourself, whether you are partnered or not
  • begin the process of accessing a deeper connection to yourself.

* Please contact Alina at to discuss your interest in the availability of in-person individual or group sessions in Toronto