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Erotic Insights Workshop for Women
Erotic Insights Workshop for Women

Erotic Insights Workshop for Women

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Workshops aim to provide a welcoming space where personal awareness, clarity, and authenticity can develop*

This 2-hour In-Person workshop is for women over 19 years old; of any sexual orientation; un-partnered or partnered (any relationship format, i.e. monogamy, consensual non-monogamy; sexually active or not; playful or reticent about the topic).

  • Have you ever wished you could experience your self more fully as a sensual being? What is your relationship to pleasure, touch and sensuality?
  • Do you long for more spark and renewal in your intimate relationships?
  • How does 'the erotic' play out in your life - how does it interface with your expectations, joys, fears?
Using gentle curiosity, we will engage in discussion and experiential activities to explore this topic for personal growth. This may lead to greater depth and intimacy in your relationships with yourself and others. What you will get from this workshop:
  • See eroticism through a new lens
  • Find out what is truly important to you in the realm of the erotic
  • Befriend you erotic self and revitalize your sense of yourself as a sensual being
* Please contact Alina at to discuss your interest in the availability of in-person sessions in Toronto *These services are not psychotherapy. Consider having resources for emotional support i.e. counselor, psychotherapy, empathetic friends with good listening skills - to reach out to after workshops. Also consider journaling or other methods that work for you, to help companion you in your growth journeys.