Transitions: Our relationship with beginnings and endings

Transitions: Our relationship with beginnings and endings

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Workshops aim to provide a welcoming space where personal awareness, clarity, and authenticity can develop*.

This workshop is for adults over 19 who would like to explore their relationship with transitions. 

Beginnings, completions, endings; re-awakenings; losses; grief... These are processes that we encounter throughout life. 

Participants are invited to explore the meanings and emotional landscapes surrounding the transitions that are currently salient in their life.  This is an experiential workshop using individual reflection as well as pairs and group activities.

 *These services are not psychotherapy. Consider having resources for emotional support i.e. counselor, psychotherapy, empathetic friends with good listening skills - to reach out to after workshops. Also consider journaling or other methods that work for you, to help companion you in your growth journeys.